Mine Force

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HDT’s portable, handheld Mine X-Ray products provide the user with a highly mobile, battery-powered x-ray machine, producing high quality digital radiographs for use in medical, dental, veterinary or industrial fields. The ease of portability, user-friendly operation, and superior image quality, makes the Mine and Mine2 X-Ray systems a reliable option for any environment.

Tube Voltage: 60kv

Tube Current: 2mA

Selectable Exposure Time: 0.01 sec ~ 0.13 sec

X-Ray Control Method: manual control / automatic control

Power Supply: 200v, 50/60HZ

Outage Voltage: 19v DC

Charing Current: 3.16A

Battery Type: Lithium Polymer 

Battery Capacity: 1500mAh

Supply Voltage: 11.1v DC

System Specifications:

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